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ComputeTY (for transition year students) takes place over a three week period between January and February each year with each school/individual attends for one week during this time.  The course structure is divided into three streams, Stream 1 - web design, Stream 2 - an introduction to programming and a brand new App development stream, Stream 3.  Students may do only one stream.  The overall content offers a broad range of computing skills from the creative aspects of user interface design in the Website and App developement to the programming logic of 'Mikey' the robot in the programming stream.

Since its launch in 2005, ComputeTY has been completed by over 4,000 Transition Year students from Dublin schools. The course enables students to develop practical computing skills and gain certification from DCU for their work. The initiative also aims to strengthen DCU's links with the local community by encouraging students who live close by or on a bus route to DCU to participate in the programme.