Dr. Benjamin Aziz - Seminar Talk - 11th April 2013

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Research Seminar Talk
Dr. Benjamin Aziz

Title: Goal-Driven Digital Forensic Investigations

Abstract: Digital forensics is the science and art of investigating the evidence surrounding incidents where computing systems' security is broken. There are many models in literature that capture the concept of a digital forensics investigation, however, most of these models do not provide any formal methodology for expressing the requirements associated with such investigations.  In this talk, I highlight a new approach that aims at utilising goal-driven requirements engineering methodologies, in particular KAOS, to express the goals, requirements and even agents and operations involved in a digital forensics investigation.  One of the benfits of using KAOS is that it supports a RT-LTL-based formal semantics, which makes the model capable of being checked and verified.  I also demonstrate how the new model was recently used to express the requirements of a high profile case of document forgery related to Facebook.