Karen Carey - Transfer Talk - 10th April 2014

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Transfer Talk

Title: Improving ‘Concept Evaluation’ in the Exploratory Stages of Enterprise Mobile Service Development

Both academics and practitioners suggest there is a lack of approaches to support ‘up-front’ activities of service development. As a result common problems which exist in these ‘early’ stages include: rejecting a service concept when it is a possible success and failing to reject a service concept when it is a possible failure. The goal of this research is to fill this gap by providing an assessment instrument for the ‘exploratory’ stages of service development. The assessment instrument aims to improve ‘concept evaluation’ of enterprise mobile services. To design this instrument, the Action Design Research (ADR) approach is followed. This is a method for generating prescriptive knowledge through building and evaluating of ensemble IT artefacts in an organizational setting. This research is conducted and evaluated within an organizational context and to date a preliminary evaluation of the assessment instrument has been conducted with practitioners in Intel Ireland. However, further refinement and evaluation is necessary. This report outlines the study to date and how it will progress for the remainder of the project.