Lijuan Zhou - Transfer Talk - 3rd May 2013

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Transfer Talk
Lijuan Zhou

Title: Linkage-based organisation of LifeLog Archives

Supervisor: Dr. Cathal Gurrin

Abstract: As a result of the continual advances in digital sensing technologies, the creation, organisation and beneficial exploitation of lifelogs is becoming an increasing important research topic. Lifelogs are typically constructed using a range of wearable sensors and segmented into discrete events before being made accessible by a search or browsing tool.  In this work, we are developing a new model of lifelog data organisation called the MemoryMesh. The MemoryMesh is essentially a densely linked hypermedia of live experience events. In this research, we firstly propose to use a new suite of sensors based on wearable and ambient living sensors to generate a lifelog. This sensor data will be utilised for personal activity recognition, which will act as both input to the event segmentation process and an annotation source for the resultant events.  This improved event segmentation model, with broad semantic annotations, forms the basis of a new type of lifelog organisation methodology called the MemoryMesh that is inspired by the associative nature of human memory.  Using the MemoryMesh, we evaluate the applicability of WWW-derived linkage analysis algorithms to mine the structure as a source for knowledge extraction and to support user access and retrieval. This research is evaluated using both user studies and a test collection methodology.