Mahfoud Benghet - Transfer Talk - 10th December 2014

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Transfer Talk
Mahfoud Benghet

Title: Assessing Readiness of Faculty Members for e-Learning Adoption in Crises Countries

Supervisor: Dr. Markus Helfert


The rapid developments, widespread of Internet and communication technologies (ICT) have materially altered many characteristics and concepts of the learning environment. In crises countries like Libya, Tunisia and Egypt where a series of protests led to governments and leaders overthrown, education in universities were paralysed by the crisis. Moreover, fighting between different political parties has created a crisis of refugees. In fact, e-Learning method would have facilitated learning while students were in other countries as refugees and asylum seekers. However, despite considerable amount of research on e-Learning, little has been carried out from the perspective of faculty members, as a determinant for any successful implementation. In crises countries the concept of e-Learning is new and in order to benefit from e-Learning, it is imperative for educational providers in Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) to conduct a substantial up-front analysis of faculty's readiness. This is essential to determine the potentiality of implementation as it is a preparatory stage of fully incorporating e-Learning.

The objective of this research is to develop an assessment instrument that allows assessing faculty's readiness. The key elements of the approach are an e-Learning Readiness Assessment Model (eL-RAM) with its Assessment Measurement Instrument (AMI) is described. The research was conducted using Design Science Research (DSR) which focuses on the development of artefacts. A major contribution of this research is the provision for practitioners an assessment instrument for assessing faculty under the constraints of crisis countries.