Patrick Brandtner - Transfer Talk - 28th May 2015

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Patrick Brandtner - Transfer Talk

Title: Design and Evaluation of a Process Model for the Early Stages of Innovation

Supervisor: Dr. Markus Helfert


Research shows that the early phases of the innovation process – the so called Front End of Innovation (FEI) – are especially critical for innovatory success and long-term competitiveness. High failure rates in the NPD process are often related to too little effort put into FEI activities in general, and a lack of attention paid to the strategically oriented phases of the FEI in particular. According to literature, measures at the FEI offer the largest potential for improving an organization’s innovation capability as a whole with the least effort. Nevertheless, there are only a few empirical studies addressing this issue, and even those are limited to certain degrees. The current thesis addresses this research gap by specifically focusing on strategic orientation at the FEI.

The central part of this thesis is to develop a process model providing specific key activities and supporting methods in order to systematically address strategic orientation at this success-critical early part of the innovation process. The research is conducted using Design Science research methodology; artefact development, demonstration and evaluation are done within the scope of a current research project. In the work so far, the theoretical and practical framework conditions and principles at the FEI have been analyzed and defined. The results of this led to the approach of applying methods of Corporate Foresight at the Front End of Innovation. Currently, the process model consisting of FEI as well as of Corporate Foresight derived elements is developed. Further refinement, process model demonstration and evaluation will be conducted in the course of multiple case study research.