Peter Tiernan - Transfer Talk - 17th June 2014

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Transfer Talk

Title: Designing, integrating and evaluating an online video platform for learning in Higher Education


Students’ use of online video content has increased in recent years, especially around video sharing platforms
such as YouTube, with students beginning to source video content to support their studies. The increasing volume of video content has led to a specialised field of research which focuses on enabling users to find the content they need among the vast volumes of video data, using techniques such as content based analysis and automatic video segmentation. Existing research emphasises the value of video content in education and suggests that when combined with advanced video processing techniques, improvements in learning can be achieved. However few studies have been carried out to analyse impact in practice.

This research describes and explains the design, integration and evaluation of an online video platform for learning in Higher Education. It follows an action research methodology to inform the design of the platform and accompanying academic tasks, and examination of the impact on student learning. The research follows a number of detailed phases, carried out with a cohort of University students to examine: the value of video in context and students willingness to use an online video platform; students’ use of video search and segmentation features to complete an individual assignment; and students’ use of video sharing and commenting features to complete a group assignment. Research to date indicates that while refinements can be made to the search process, the advanced search and segmentation features, and the video sharing and commenting features, have had a positive impact on student learning. The result of this research is informing the development of an online video platform for learning in Higher Education.