Pooyan Jamshidi - Transfer Talk - 27th February 2013

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Transfer Talk
Pooyan Jamshidi

Title: Reliable Architecture-Centric Self-Adaptation of Component-Based

Abstract: A major challenge in distributed and heterogeneous software is to maintain a proper coordination of functional components that form a running system. In such dynamic settings, connectors are responsible for providing an additional and external coordination mechanism to control the interaction between components. The connectors are surrounded by functional components that may be attached or detached in autonomous and unpredictable manners. In existing solutions, the automated analysis of non-functional requirement violations is not addressed. This research, however, discusses how component connectors are enhanced with self-adaptive capabilities to react to environmental changes that may cause violations in non-functional requirements. We specifically consider compositional coordination models allowing the (re)construction of composite component connectors from atomic ones. We discuss how a connector can be verified against quantifiable non-functional requirements (such as reliability or performance) by adopting “models at run-time” that has implications for proper reconfigurations. This results in robust connectors which not only recognize changes in environmental assumptions, but also guarantee the expected non-functional requirements by exploiting reliable architecture-centric self-adaptations.