Shuyan Xie - PhD Transfer Talk - 1st June 2012

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Transfer Talk

Title: Design and Evaluation of an Assessment Instrument to Determine the Quality of Information Exchanges in Inter-organizational environments -Demonstrated in Emergency Medical Services-

Abstract: Inter-organizational information exchange becomes an important topic in information quality (IQ) studies due to the expending business network. Despite the significance of information exchange approaches to evaluate the quality of the exchanged information is lacking. Historically, IQ management emphasizes at low level data analysis, based on statistical analysis. Most of the approaches to date do not consider process and context information. To address this limitation, we propose an IQ assessment instrument that brings focus away from the inherent data repository level towards an enterprise level by deploying the business process concept. It suggests that the nature of providing rich context in business processes gives an effective IQ assessment and improvement for information exchange.

To develop the proposed assessment instrument, we follow a design science (DS) oriented research methodology that focuses on the development of artifacts with the intention of providing the utility to satisfy existing business needs. This research to date has scoped to the outline and the case study in the emergency medical services (EMS). Inter-organizational information exchange entails great complexities in EMS settings, where the IQ requirements are essential. Field research and panel discussions have been conducted in Ireland, Portugal, and Germany. Results demonstrate that the key components of this assessment instrument are: (i) Business Processes Model that information exchange is modeled in an enterprise-contextual level, (ii) Information Profile where the detailed information is organized and structured, and (iii) IQ Analysis Framework that specifies the IQ prioritization and measurement methods. Validation will be carried out by means of case studies in the healthcare domain, considering the complexity of its cross-functional information exchange activities.