Transfer Talk - Viviana Angely - 21st June 2018

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Transfer Talk

Title: An ArchiMate Extension for Modelling the Alignment of Services and Information in Smart City Architectures

Abstract: Smart cities require the alignment between the service and information layers to ensure that the needs of citizens are met with solutions provided by information technology. However, traditional business-IT alignment concepts are not enough to align the service and information layers in smart city IT architectures. This leads to that services often do not meet the needs of citizens. For being useful and applicable, it is necessary that this alignment includes the specific concepts of smart cities (e.g. city domains for the integration of services). The lack of these specific concepts to align services and information causes smart city architectures to fail to guide the design of integrated and coherent models. The resulting models can fail to support the analysis, implementation, and maintenance of city services.

This research proposes novel concepts to support a suitable alignment between the service and information layers by extending the ArchiMate language with the specific concepts of smart cities. This should help smart cities to model and deliver services aligned to the needs of citizens by capturing additional structural, behavioural and semantic aspects of the smart city domain. These alignment concepts will be mapped with the existing concepts of the ArchiMate language in order to establish appropriate relationships between the two. This approach will be evaluated against traditional business-IT alignment approaches in real scenarios through multiple case studies in different cities. Consequently, this research will aim to facilitate academia and industry in the smart city architecture investigation, and the alignment from a service and information perspective.