Wessel Reijer - Transfer Talk - 3rd May 2017

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Transfer Talk
Wessel Reijer

Title: Practising Narrative Virtue Ethics of Technology in Research and Innovation

Supervisor: Prof. Bert Gordijn, Prof. Declan O’Sullivan & Prof. Renaat Verbruggen


In this transfer talk, I will present a novel method for practising ethics in research and innovation (R&I). Technological devices, systems and architectures resulting from R&I processes have an increasing impact on our daily lives. Correspondingly, there is a growing need for ethical reflections on R&I processes and the technologies they bring about. To this end, we propose a philosophical framework that connects the ethical theory of virtue ethics of technology and a hermeneutical theory of technological mediation of “narrative technologies” that is based on Ricoeur’s narrative theory. This framework is subsequently applied to actual R&I processes, through the development of practical tools that allow researchers, ethicists and other stakeholders to engage with the disclosure, theoretical and application stages of practising ethics in R&I. The novel methodology is grounded on five overarching requirements that are derived from a critique of established methods for practising ethics in R&I.


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