Dr. Alessandra Mileo

Me Hi, I am Alessandra (♀) and this is my academic website.

I am a tenured Assistant Professor in the School of Computing and a Funded Investigator at both INSIGHT Centre for Data Analytics and the I-Form Centre on Advanced Manufacturing, Dublin City University.

I am originally from Milan (Italy) where I also did my PhD studies, and I moved to Ireland in 2010 to join the Digital Enterprise Research Insitute (DERI) at NUI Galway, which then became part of the SFI funded INSIGHT Centre for Data Analytics.

My background is in symbolic AI, in particular knowledge representation and reasoning, but since my PhD I have been moving across several areas within the AI field going from logic programming to as far as neural networks, and passing by semantic technologies, the Internet of Things, probabilistic logical reasoning, complex event processing and stream reasoning. I have also applied my research to a variety of domains including assisted living, smart cities, smart enterprise, additive manufacturing.

My current research interest is in exploring and exploiting synergies and complementarities between symbolic, probabilistic and neural artificial intelligence formalisms and tools for complex reasoning. This interest developed into the design of a new research programme focused on neural-symbolic computation and knowledge-enhanced Deep Representation Learning, in collaboration with Nokia Bell-Labs and the Amsterdam Data Science. See more on my research agenda here

In my long research journey from PhD student to Academic, I have secured almost 1 million euros in funding including national (SFI, IRC), international (EU, NSF) and industry-funded projects, published 90+ papers often in high impact journals and conferences and been an active PC member of over 20 top-ranked conferences and high-impact journals.

For more details you can have a look at my latest CV (June 2020).

I hold an MSC (2002) and a PhD (2006) in Computer Science from the University of Milan, Italy.