Teaching and Supervision

I currently teach the following modules:

  • CAxxx (DS4) - Data Analytics at Speed and Scale (new 2020/20201)
  • CA279 (EC2) - Professional Practice for Enterprise Computing with Annalina Caputo
  • CA652/A/D/E (MECT, MECB, MDPP) - Information Access with Alan Smeaton
  • CA687 (MCM) - Cloud Systems (Future Learn) with Long Cheng
In previous years I have taught and coordinated the following modules:
  • CA120 (EC1) - Collaboration and Innovation (EC1)
  • CA675 (MCM) - Cloud Technologies
  • CA222 (EC2) - Enterprise Information Systems

See here for more information about 3rd year, 4th year and MCM practicum projects.