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Last updated: August 2014.

Here is a list of some of my graduate students and others who have been working with me.
  1. Tim Jacquemard completed a PhD on ethics for lifelogging
  2. Paulina Piasek completed a PhD in using lifelogging in Reminiscence Therapy for people with dementia
  3. Yang Li, completed a research M.Sc. on social media for city alerting, now working as a Data Scientist in IBM Smarter City Labs, Dublin
  4. Eoin Hurrell, finished a PhD on conversational recommender systems now working for AON as a data science researcher in Dublin
  5. Peng Wang, finished his PhD on semantic enrichment of lifelogs, now back in Beijing as a postdoctoral researcher in Tsinghua University
  6. Graham Healy, finished his PhD on EEG for image search, then a postdoc in Vancouver, now a postdoctoral researcher in DCU
  7. Adam Bermingham finished his PhD on sentiment analysis from microblogs, now working for a media company in Dublin
  8. Edel O'Connor finished her PhD on sensor fusion for environmental monitoring, now Ireland's National coordinator for marine technology
  9. Seung-Bum Lee - finished a PhD in 2010 on a cost-oriented context-aware personal information network, now working for Samsung in Korea.
  10. Nazlena Mohamad Ali - finished her PhD in 2009 on a movie archive system in a film studies context, now an Associate Professor in Malaysia.
  11. James Lanagan - finished a PhD in 2009 on social impact retrieval: measuring author influence on information retrieval, spent a while as a postdoc with us, now in Facebook, Dublin.
  12. Aiden Doherty - finished a PhD in 2009 on automatic structuring and augmentation of a lifelog of images, now a postdoc in Oxford
  13. Sinead McGiveney - finished a PhD in the area of how personality affects collaborative search (2004-2008), now works as a support analyst in Dublin.
  14. Colum Foley - finished a PhD in collaborative search techniques (2004-2008), now works in IBM Smarter Cities research lab, Dublin.
  15. Mike McHugh - graduated from DCU B.Sc. in Computer Applications in the mid-1990s and then worked for SUN Microsystems in Dublin before joining us as a PhD student in 2004.
  16. Pete Wilkins - joined our group in 2004, coming from CSIRO in Australia, finished PhD in 2009 on search space pruning and optimisation, and now working as a search lead in Google in Dublin.
  17. Cathal Gurrin, did a PhD on web discovery systems, working with the TREC web track data, and spent Summer 2000 working in AT&T, NJ. 1998-2002, and is now an SFI Stokes Lecturer in DCU.
  18. Hyowon Lee, did PhD in video retrieval, specifically issues related to interfaces, 1998-2001, worked as a post-doctoral researcher in the group until 2011 before moving to Singapore University of Design Technology as a Lecturer.
  19. Kieran McDonald, PhD student, finishing up his PhD on personalised video browsing, 1999-2005 with some intermittent spells spent working on industry contracts for us, now works as Lead Search in Bing, for Microsoft Research in Seattle.
  20. Georgina Gaughan, finished her PhD on novelty detection, now working for Google in Dublin
  21. Neil O'Hare, fininshed an M.Sc. thesis on automatic segmentation using a support vector machine, then completed a PhD student on personal photo retrieval, spent some time as a postdoc with us, now working for Yahoo! Labs in Barcelona.
  22. Sandra Rothwell, finished a research M.Sc. in using music to detect emotion in movies, 2003-.
  23. Paul Ferguson, finished a PhD in web retrieval then a stint as a postdoc for a few years, now working for Xiam in Dublin 2003-
  24. Paul Browne, finished his PhD in ostensive relevance feedback in object-based video, (2001-2005).
  25. Jiamin Ye, PhD, finished her work on MPEG-7 aggregation for video retrieval and graduated 2004. (2000-2004).
  26. Edel Greevey, M.Sc. in automatic classification of web pages 2002-2003
  27. Tom Sødring, awarded PhD, 2002, for work on CEOLAIRE information retrieval from music by melody, then worked with us as a post-doctoral researcher until 2003 before heading back to Norway to work with Simula.
  28. Paul Browne, awarded M.Sc., 2001 for his work on shot boundary detection in digital video segmentation, then started PhD
  29. Prof. Catherine Berrut from the IMAG laboratoty in Grenoble, France, visited us for 5 months during 2000 and is now back in Grenoble.
  30. Criostaí Mac Íomhaire worked on the ISOS Digital Library of Old Irish manuscript pages - how to search through Irish, etc., now working in Paris
  31. Joaquim Macedo from the University of Minho, Portugal, working on distributed and networked information retrieval, visited us in 1997, 1998 and again in 2000
  32. Jane Kernan awarded an M.Sc. in 1999 for her work on user interface design and evaluation for text based IR systems, now working as a lecturer here in DCU
  33. Dai Dongxue awarded an M.Sc. in 1999 for her work on information retrieval from Chinese texts, now working in Microsoft, Dublin
  34. Jerh O'Connor awarded an M.Sc. in 1999 working on refining character shape code based retrieval
  35. Colin O'Toole, awarded an M.Sc. in 1999 on shot boundary detection using colour histograms, worked in Sydney, Australia, now back in Dublin
  36. Gerard Quinn, awarded M.Sc. in 1998 for speech retrieval system, then did a year of work on the Video project
  37. Francis Crimmins, awarded M.Sc. in 1998 for Fusion meta search engine work, then worked on the EuroGatherer project and now in Canberra, Australia.
  38. Dr. Mike Morony, 1997-1998, post-doctoral researcher in speech processing worked on the Taiscealai news retrieval and on using audio information in digital video browsing
  39. Dr. Nick Kushmerick, 1997-1998, worked on wrapper induction for web resources and web discovery, now working in UCD.
  40. Gavin Gollogley, M.Sc., 1997, worked as webeditor for and has now moved to the Irish Times on the web.
  41. Dr. Mark Burnett, Research Fellow, 1996-7 ... Mark came from Canberra, Australia, to work with us for 12 months on applying clustering techniques to searching through intranets and is now gone back to Canberra.
  42. Fergus Kelledy completed a PhD in 1997 .. worked for Broadcom Éireann in Dublin then Xelector, also in Dublin
  43. Robert Whelan, M.Sc. 1996, works for a software company in Dublin
  44. Ian Quigley, M.Sc. 1995, works for a software company first in Limerick and now based in Dublin
  45. Pat Morrissey, M.Sc. 1994, works for Aldiscon in Dublin
  46. Ray Richardson, PhD 1994, worked for Broadcom Éireann in Dublin before re-joining us in 1998 as a post-doc and now works for Kadius in Dublin
  47. Ruairi O'Donnell, M.Sc. 1994, now lecturing in Information Science at Strathclyde University
  48. Aidan Gregan, M.Sc. 1994, now works for Andersen Consulting, mostly in the UK
  49. Liam O'Neill, M.Sc. 1994, back to the Irish Aviation Authority in Dublin after his M.Sc. and now moved to Tralee Institute of Technology
  50. Fergus Kelledy, M.Sc. 1993, then stayed in DCU for another while working on an EU-project and on his PhD, also with me as supervisor
  51. Paul Caffrey, M.Sc. 1992, now works for Informix in Dublin
  52. Catherine Guinan, M.Sc. 1992, working for Silicon & Software Systems, a software company in Dublin
  53. Mark Roantree, M.Sc. 1992, finished his PhD at Napier (Edinburgh) in 2001, now lecturing here at DCU
  54. Páraic Sheridan, M.Sc. 1991, finished his PhD at ETH Zürich having also obtained an M.S. degree at Carnegie Mellon University, and working for Textwise in Syracuse, NY.