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Centre for Next Generation Localisation
[COMPUTING] School of Computing


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Dublin City University Library


Machine Translation Group at DCU
[NCLT] National Centre for Language Technology
[SALIS] School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies
[WIKI] Machine Translation Group's Wikipedia | Protected Access



[AAAI] Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence
[ACL] Association for Computational Linguistics
[AMTA] Association for Machine Translation in the Americas
[EAMT] European Association for Machine Translation
[LSA] Linguistic Society of America



[ACL-ANT] ACL Anthology, digital archive of research papers in computational linguistics
[CITESEER] CiteSeer, scientific literature digital library
[CMU-MT] MT Lunch Seminar at CMU's LTI
[CONLL] Natural Language Learning
[COURSE1] Andy Way's old course on MT
[JAIR] Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research


Linguist List


Maximum Entropy and Exponential Models


Andy Way's MT listing | under construction


Machine Translation Archive


EAMT's MT mailing list archive


ACL 2007 Workshop on Multiword Expressions


Online Resources for Word Sense Evaluation Conferences


Research in Statistical Machine Translation
[TJ] Translation Journal


Machine Translation Reading Group at UW


Natural Language Processing Reading Group at UW


Word Alignment Resources | Rada Mihalcea
[WIZZARD] Speech Technology and Services listing




Wiki on Multilingual Dependency Parsing
[EGYPT] JHU 1999 Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation
[EMATRIX] Euro Matrix Machine Translation Project
[EMILLE] Enabling Minority Language Engineering Project
[FIRE] Forum for Information Retrieval Evaluation | Indian Languages
[JIRS] Java Information Retrieval System
[LNGPIP] Ling PIpe Toolkit for Text Processing
[LT-WEB] Language Technology in the Web (EC FP7 Project)
[MALLET] Advanced Machine Learning Toolkit for Language in Java
[MOSES] Open source Statistical Machine Translation
[MTTK] Machine Translation Toolkit | Deng
[NLTK] Natural Language Toolkit
[ODIN] Online Database of Interlinear Text
[OKAPI] Okapi Framework for Localization and Translation
[OPENLP] Open Source Projects related to NLP
[SKETCH] Sketch Engine (Corpus Reader)
[STANPARSE] Stanford Parser


JHU 2003 Workshop on Syntax for SMT


Syntex Syntactic Parser


Technology & Corpora for Speech to Speech Translation


Technology Development for Indian Languages


Timorese Decoding and Translation Contest, 2004
[TREETAG] University of Stuttgart's Tree Tagger
[TWENTYONE] Automatic Construction of a Bilingual Lexicon
[WORD-EN] WordNet, A lexical database for English
[WORD-HI] WordNet, A lexical database for Hindi
[WORD-MA] WordNet, A lexical database for Marathi
[XMG] eXtensible Meta Grammar




Noah A. Smith's Research Group at CMU
[CIIL] Central Institute of Indian Languages
[CSLP] Johns Hopkins University's Center for Language and Speech Processing
[DFKI] Deutsches Forschungszentrum f�r K�nstliche Intelligenz (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence)
[IBM] International Business Machines Research
[INTERACT] International Centre for Advanced Communication Technologies
[ISI] University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute
[LANGWEAV] Language Weaver Inc., State of the art in automated language translation
[LCC] Language Computer Corporation, The power to answer
[LTI] CMU's Language Technologies Institute
[LTRC] Indian Institute of Information Technology's Language Technologies Research Centre
[META] MetaCarta, Inc., Provider of geographic intelligence solutions
[MSR] Microsoft Research
[NATS] University of Hamburg's Natural Language Systems Division
[NIST] National Institute of Standards and Technology
[NLP-BERK] UC Berkeley NLP Group
[NLP-STAN] Stanford University NLP Group
[PARC] Palo Alto Research Center
[POWERSET] Powerset Inc., Natural Language Search
[SAKHR] Sakhr Software Company, Pioneers in Arabic NLP
[SRI] SRI International
[SSLI] University of Washington's SSLI Lab
[SYSTRAN] Systran, The leading supplier of language translation software
[TEXTAI] Text Analysis International Inc., A pragmatic approach for analyzing electronic text
[TREE] University of Washington's Computational Linguistics Lab
[TURING] University of Washington's Turing Center
[VOICEBOX] Voicebox Technologies, Innovator in conversational voice apps
[YAHOO] Yahoo Research



[BENDER] Emily M. Bender
[BIKEL] Dan Bikel
[BIRD] Steven Bird
[BOSCH] Antal van den Bosch
[FARRAR] Scott Farrar
[FORSBOM] Eva Forsbom
[FUNG] Pascale Fung
[GOLDSMITH] John A. Goldsmith
[HUTCHINS] John Hutchins
[JOACHIMS] Thorsten Joachims
[KNIGHT] Kevin Knight
[KOEHN] Philipp Koehn
[LAVIE] Alon Lavie
[LEWIS] William D. Lewis
[LIN] Dekang Lin
[MANNING] Christopher Manning
[MELAMED] I. Dan Melamed
[MIHALCEA] Rada Mihalcea
[OCH] Franz Josef Och
[PALMER] Martha Palmer
[RITTER] Alan Ritter
[SANGAL] Rajeev Sangal
[SCHWARTZ] Lane Schwartz
[SIMA'AN] Khalil Sima'an
[TIEDEMANN] J�rg Tiedemann
[VELLDAL] Erik Velldal
[WAY] Andy Way
[XIA] Fei Xia



[CONCISUS] Concisus Corpus of Event Summaries (En, Es) | Free Download
[CRATER] Aligned Annotated Corpus (En, Fr, Es) | Free Download
[DE-EN] German English Parallel Corpus | Free Download
[ELDA] Evaluations & Language Resources Distribution Agency | Varied
[FTREE] French Treebank | Free Research
[INDIAN] CIIL's Indian Language Corpora | Varied
[JRC] JRC Acquis Multilingual Parallel Corpora | Free Download
[LDC] Linguistic Data Consortium | Paid Membership
[MULTI] Non-English, Parallel & Multilingual Corpora | Listing
[NEGRA] Syntactically Annotated German News Text | Free Research
[SACRED] Sacred Text Archive | Free Download
[SANSKRIT] Sanskrit Texts and Stotras | Free Download
[WIKI] Wikipedia XML Corpus | Free Registration



[COMPLING] Computational Linguistics: Models, Resources & Applications
[CONCON] Concurrent Constraint Programming in Oz for NLP
[J&M] Speech and Language Processing
[MODAL] Introduction to Modal Logic
[NLP-LISP] Natural Language Processing in LISP
[NLP-PY] Natural Language Processing in Python
[MT] Machine Translation - An Introductory Guide
[STAT] Fundamentals of Statistics
[SYN] Syntax for Natural Language



[C++] C++ Reference
[EMACS] Emacs for Windows
[EMACS CMD] Emacs Command Suumary
[GDB] GNU Project Debugger documentation
[HASKELL] Wiki on Haskell
[LOGIC] Compiled discussion on logic
[MAKE] Guide to writing a Makefile
[MATHW] Mathwords - Terms and Formulae
[MCEDIT] About mcedit
[PROB] Probability for Linguists
[SHELL] Guide to Shell Scripting