VOCALL: Vocational Language-Learning for Less Widely Used and Taught Languages

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Objectives: Providing electronic lexical and terminological resources for LWUTLs in a variety of vocational areas, as well as multimedia language learning aids, thus promoting linguistic skills as part of vocational training, and fostering methods of self-training in the workplace.

Activities: Putting on disk, using widely available technology (e.g. MS-Access, MS-Windows), a multilingual glossaryof technical terms for the vocational areas of Computer Science, Business Administration, and Electronics, for the languages of the partners, as part of a self-learning tool encompassing both video and speech technology.

Results: The multimedia product, which will be identical in all Member States, will be marketed as a self-learning tool for L1-disadvantaged learners as well as FL learners, in vocational and professional training.

If you would like more information about VOCALL, you can access a summary of activities for 1996 by clicking here, and a summary of intended developments for 1997 here.

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