Sample Problems and Solutions

In order to be useful you should try to solve these sample problems with a time limit. Try to ensure that you completely finish the problem. It is very easy to say "I know how to do that", but if a similar problem comes up in the competition, you might find out that you didn’t really know it. Also remember that just because your program works for some sample input doesn’'t mean that it will work for all possible input.

1994 All Ireland Competition

1996 All Ireland Competition

1996 Problems

IOI Competitions

Problem sets from previous IOI competitions are kept in the Netherlands. These are maintained by Tom Verhoeff, scientific committee leader of IOI 95.

Other puzzles

Google directory has a good collection of programming competitions. There is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for the rec.puzzles newsgroup. It doesn't have that many computer related puzzles though.

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