I supervise a team of researchers at DCU, they are:

Research Students

  • Liting Zhou, PhD in Lifelog Search Models
  • Aaron Duane, PhD in Lifelog Interaction
  • Rashmi Gupta, PhD in Lifelog Search & Retrieval
  • Na Li, PhD in lifelog analytics

Research Assistants & Postdoctoral Researchers

  • Duc Tien Dang Nguyen - Lifelogging
  • Mooharad Hinbarji - IoT for Elder Care
  • Kaushik Venkataraman, RA, RA, Assistive Technology for Elder-care

Graduated/Graduating PhDs

  • Niamh Caprani, PhD in HCI issues of access to Lifelogs. Graduated in 2013.
  • Zhengwei Qiu, Phd in Multimodal Access to Lifelogs. Graduated in 2013.
  • David Scott, PhD in New Ranked List approaches for Digital Video Retrieval. Graduated in 2013.
  • Peter Tiernan, Phd in Pedagocial aspects of Video in the Classroom. Graduated in 2015.
  • Lijuan Zhou, PhD in Enhanced Linkage and Retrieval models for Lifelogs. Graduated in 2016.
  • Zhenxing Zhang, PhD in Semantic Extraction from UGC digital video. Graduated in 2017
  • Tengqi Ye, PhD in Transfer Learning for Lifelong Visual Annotation. Graduated in 2018
  • Zaher Hinbarji, PhD in Informational Lifelogging and Dynamic Authentication. Graduated in 2018

Previously supervised:

  • Dr. Jiang Zhou, PostDoc on the KidsCam project
  • Dr. Rami Albatal, Postdoc on INSIGHT, focus on Lifelogging.
  • Brian Moynagh, , PhD in Personal Sensing Fusion
  • Stefan Terziyeski, PhD in Lifelog Data Analytics
  • Moohamad Hinbarji, Lifelogging Infrastructure
  • Jinlin Guo, PhD in Video Semantics for annotation generation.
  • Yang Yang, Interaction and Interface design for personal life archives
  • Yun Jin, Energy and Fatigue detection from wearable sensors
  • Na Li, Liestyle activity monitoring for the LifeLens project.
  • Dr Frank Hopfgartner, Postdoc working on content-access to MM content. (2011-2012)
  • Dr Colum Foley, Postdoc working on Collaborative Approaches to Video Retrieval (2010-2011)
  • Dr Paul Ferguson, Postdoc working on content-access to MM content. (2010)
  • Dr Dave Sadlier, Postdoc working on event detection from MM video streams (2010)
  • Dr Sorin Sav, Postdoc working on Content-based video retrieval (2009)
  • HongYi Wang, Research Assistant working on audio analysis for Semantic Annotation & Interaction Development