I am the director of the Human Media Archives research group at DCU and a principal investigator at the INSIGHT Centre for Data Analytics, at DCU. My research is in the areas of Multimedia Information Retrieval, Digital Memories and Mobile Device Access. My PhD research was on methods of exploiting linkage densities in WWW graphs to improve ranking in Search Engine results. Since my PhD I have worked within the CDVP initially developing multimedia search engines for image and video. My research Interests can be summarised under the following headings:

  • Human Digital Memories - capturing, storing, understanding, searching, filtering, recommending and providing ubiquitous access to personal digital memories and personal multimedia collections. My work has focused on sensecam data, but also GPS and human sensing data. I have gathered a personal sensecam archive of 7 million photos (May 2011).
  • Multimedia Information Retrieval - indexing and retrieval of Multimedia data (video and image data). I have been heavily involved in the development of the Físchlár digital video suite (Físchlár-News, Físchlár-TREC, Físchlár-Sheffield and Físchlár-Nursing).
  • Mobile Access - developing search engines to support access to multimedia content on mobile devices is a challenge that I am addressing through the iAD project.
  • WWW search - Large scale search for WWW data, being the subject of my PhD thesis, is still an area of great interest to me.
  • Person and Environmental Sensing -sensing the person and the environment; developing search infrastructures and retrieval strategies to deal with such sensor streams.


Active Projects (Principal Investigator)

Cognitive Psychology Linking for E-memories (2011-2015)
Source: Science Foundation Ireland
An e-memory is a new concept in digital information management and refers to the digital gathering of life experiences, whether through photos of what we see, videos of what we experience, audio recording of what we hear, or the digital capture of our interactions with everyday objects (e.g. information, locations, people or devices) using various sensing technologies. This project proposes to research organising and linking technologies for e-memories and develop a prototype e- memory mesh to encode life experience digitally and support retrieval and link traversal.

  • Active Projects (Co-Investigator)

  • INSIGHT Centre for Data Analytics
  • Source: Science Foundation Ireland
  • To lead the lifelogging work package and to develop new lifelogging tools based on big-data analytics.

Previous Projects

Principal Investigator Projects

  • Information Access Disruptions (2008-2014). Source: Norwegian Research Council. To develop and evaluate extreme precision search and recommendation solutions that support effective multi-modal access to multimedia content.
  • LifeLens (2012-2013). Source: Enterprise Ireland. The aim of this project is to develop lifelogging technologies to address market requirements in the fields of personalised healthcare and market research.
  • MyEnergy (2011-2012). Source: Enterprise Ireland. The aim of this project is to develop unobtrusive, accurate measurement of user activities in everyday environments. This project employs Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to mine knowledge from wearable sensor streams to better understand user context.
  • MyMoments (2011-2011). Source: Enterprise Ireland. A project to evaluate the commercial feasibility of the ongoing Human Digital Memory research within HMA & CLARITY.
  • SFI Stokes Lectureship (2007-2012). Source : Science Foundation Ireland. The Science Foundation Ireland Stokes Professorship and Lectureship Programme is designed to support the strategic planning for increasing the number of research active faculty members in Irish Universities. The first five years of my lectureship at DCU is sponsored by a SFI Stokes award.

Co-Investigator Projects

  • MetaLabs (2011 - 2012). Source: NDRC : National Digital Research Centre. Aim: Working with commercial partners, the aim is to enhance the utility of online video by automatic annotation and semantic segmentation of video content. This is a commercialisation project.
  • 09-10, InsideOut. Investigator.. My focus on sensor middleware.
  • 09-10, Real-World Video Analysis. Investigator of a project to deploy content analysis of video content to real-world security installations.
  • 08-09, Financial Sentiment. Investigator - of a team of three people (two postdocs and one research assistant) in developing sentiment analysis technologies for financial planning.

Previous Projects (Researcher)
  • 07-08, Digital TV Search. Project Manager, Researcher & Principal Negotiator - of a team of five people - deploying video search technologies on TVs for a major multinational.
  • 06-07, Context-aware Photo Search. Project Manager & Researcher - of a team of four - developing context-aware photo management tools for a major multinational.
  • 03-06, Mediassist. Postdoctoral Researcher - working on methods to automatically organise personal photo collections.
  • 00-03, Físchlár II. PhD Student & Postdoc - working on techniques to search, filter, alert and summarise video news programmes.