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My early research work was in the areas of program analysis and program transformation. This included the first extension of the deforestation algorithm to higher-order languages. More recent research in the area of program transformation has resulted in the development of the distillation algorithm, which is a major advance over deforestation and gives orders of magnitude improvement in both the time and space usage of programs, as opposed to the higher-order deforestation algorithm, which can only give a linear improvement. It turns out that distillation can be applied in many different areas:

  • Theorem Proving
  • Automatic Program Construction
  • Program Verification
  • Program Improvement
  • Program Parallelization
  • Energy Efficient Computing

Previous Research Students

Venkatesh Kannan

Michael Dever

Ben Aziz

Bernadette Power

Humayun Kabir (awarded Ph.D. in absentia)

Gavin Mendel-Gleason (awarded Ph.D. in absentia)