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Client v. Server - Putting a program online

Your server has some code that needs to run.
Where should the code be run: Client-side or Server-side?
We often have a lot of choice.

Demo program

Here is a demo program implemented using different choices for client-side code and server-side code.

Comparison of different ways of putting a program online

Method CPU load Can access server files Programming language User can see source code User input security issues Submit opens new page Can link to program with arguments
Server-side code (visible) Server Yes Any No Yes Yes Yes. Easy.
Server-side code (hidden)
(Javascript Ajax)
Server Yes Any No Yes No Possible but complicated
Client-side Javascript Client No Javascript Yes No No Possible but complicated

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Wikipedia: Sometimes I link to Wikipedia. I have written something In defence of Wikipedia. It is often a useful starting point but you cannot trust it. Linking to it is like linking to a Google search. A starting point, not a destination. I automatically highlight in red all links to Wikipedia and Google search and other possibly-unreliable user-generated content.