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My big idea: Ancient Brain


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Internet Demo page

View Source
(The view-source URI scheme does not work on all browsers.)

Embed audio

Can click simple link to MP3. What happens depends on your browser and setup.

Uses audio tag.
Has CSS styling inside element.

Irish Times

News headline RSS feed displayed through inline remote Javascript.
From Feed2JS.

Live webcam view of Pearse St, Dublin.
Displayed through remote <img>.
Auto-resized. See full size.
From Dublin City Council.

Internet searches

Search the web using Google:

Search w3schools.com using Google:

<form> on client side.
Program on server side. Called using HTTP GET. Arguments in URL.

The progress of World War Two.
Black - Axis. Blue - Western allies. Red - Soviet bloc. Grey - neutral.
Not a movie - just an image include of an animated GIF.
From Wikipedia.

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On the Internet since 1987.

Wikipedia: Sometimes I link to Wikipedia. I have written something In defence of Wikipedia. It is often a useful starting point but you cannot trust it. Linking to it is like linking to a Google search. A starting point, not a destination. I automatically highlight in red all links to Wikipedia and Google search and other possibly-unreliable user-generated content.