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Lab - PHP

  1. Make PHP page on student.computing.dcu.ie.
  2. Output some tags. Note code is not visible to client.
  3. Define some variables and output them.

  4. Make page with var_dump($_SERVER);
  5. Make page with phpinfo();

  6. Implement the PHP demo page.
  7. Consult PHP reference site to get syntax right.


PHP command-line, etc.

  1. Can we make command-line call on student.computing.dcu.ie?
  2. Run the test to find out what is enabled.

  3. What user does PHP run as?
    • My PHP demo runs on www.computing.dcu.ie
    • On that server, it can make a command-line call and we see that the PHP runs as user "wwwrun".
    • On student.computing.dcu.ie, can we make a command-line call?
    • If so, what user does PHP run as?

  4. Can we make HTTP call on student.computing.dcu.ie?
    • Use file_get_contents to fetch HTTP page and dump it to stdout


PHP include v. SSI include

  1. Include another PHP page with
  2. Can use this instead of SSI include.

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