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Shell functions

Shell scripts do not have objects but do have functions.
Functions are more efficient than having scripts calling other scripts.


A program to calculate how much space your web pages take up, as a percent of your total file space. Defines 2 functions, then uses them.
Recall du

# percent $1 $2
# returns $1 as a percentage of $2

 temp=`expr $1 \* 100`
 expr $temp / $2

# sizeof dir
# returns size of all files in dir and below

 cd $1
 du | grep '\.$' | cut -f1 

   # Exercise: Find a du switch to do the previous better.

web=`sizeof $HOME/public_html`
echo $web

total=`sizeof $HOME`
echo $total

ans=`percent $web $total`
echo "Your web files are $ans% of your total files."

See also GUI - Disk Usage Analyser

Call function which is defined in another file


    echo test 


   # include functions defined in fnsfile:

   		. fnsfile
   # 		source fnsfile

   # can now call them:


Environment Variables

By default, functions have access to the caller's environment variables without exporting:

 echo $x


Whereas if we call a separate script, it does not by default have access to the caller's environment variables.

Piping to a function:

You can pipe to functions too (in general you can treat them just like a separate program).

Consider a program:

#  killstring (string)
# kills all instances of program named by string
# e.g. 
#  killstring textedit
# kills all your textedit processes

If "killstring" first tries to identify these processes:
  ps -Tf | grep -i $1
when you type "killstring textedit" you get something like:
humphrys 28414 28413  0 12:32:50 pts/5    0:00 grep -i textedit
humphrys 28396     1  0 12:32:19 pts/23   0:00 textedit -geometry 600x600+200-100 f1
humphrys 28352     1  0 12:31:51 pts/23   0:00 textedit -geometry 600x600+200-100 f2
humphrys 28366     1  0 12:31:51 pts/23   0:00 textedit -geometry 600x600+200-100 f3
humphrys 28413 28073  0 12:32:50 pts/5    0:00 /bin/sh killstring textedit
so we need to strip out killstring itself, and the grep itself. We also have a number of unwieldy lines of text, which we want to process one by one, to extract the process ID and kill it. We can do this by piping to a function. So killstring looks like:

 while read user pid restofline
  kill $pid

ps -Tf | grep -i $1 | grep -v $0 | grep -v "grep -i $1" | fn

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