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My big idea: Ancient Brain


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Lab - active desktop

Get activedesktop working on DCU Linux.

Start with this base


Recipe - For 40%

  1. Change WEBCAMURL to point to a JPEG from a webcam that exists now. e.g. Dublin City Council.
  2. You will have to find the URL not of the webpage, but of the JPEG image itself. (How?)
  3. Use wget to download the JPEG to the file. The format should be like:
  4. Check that it works. (Double-click on the JPEG downloaded.)

For 60%

  1. When the above is working: Use gsettings to set the JPEG as the background image.
  2. Check that it works, and it does set the background image.
  3. When the above is working: Insert the "sleep" and the "while" loop.

For 100% - Demo it

  1. Start with blank background.
  2. Show me how to launch it detached.
  3. Show me how to find it with ps.
  4. Hint: Find the "sleep" process. Look at the parent process (PPID) of the "sleep" process.
  5. Show me how to kill it.

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