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How to login to Linux at DCU

In CA labs

  1. Reboot.
  2. Choose openSUSE
  3. openSUSE is a distribution of Linux.

  4. Automatic updates will be run automatically for you. You can ignore all messages about them.
  5. For admin problems contact Linux Administrator Gary Conway (or here).


It is not necessary to change your password.

Changing your password for Linux will not change it for other DCU systems (Windows login, Loop) and experience has shown this leads to confusion and work for the sysadmins.

Remote access to DCU Linux (ssh and sftp)

Access from home and from Windows.

How I do remote access from lectures

Here is how I do remote access to DCU Linux from my Windows laptop in lectures.
There are many ways of doing this. This way involves buying software.
  1. ssh with AbsoluteTelnet (because I like it)

  2. sftp with WebDrive (because it makes remote site a drive letter in Windows)

  3. Then just use Windows programs like Notepad++ and NoteTab to edit files on the X: drive.

WebDrive making remote Unix and Linux systems into drives on your Windows machine.


Other ssh


X11 Forwarding

Other sftp

USB key

To transfer files to/from USB key:

Bug (maybe fixed) - openSUSE and USB keys

I found that in copying from USB key to openSUSE, some file names got converted to lower case.
This meant that scripts now broke.
Bizarrely, some were converted to lower case but not all.

  1. I took files with names in all uppercase like DSCF0323.JPG and copied them in Windows onto a FAT32 USB key.
    When opened on openSUSE this is read as "Filesystem type: msdos" and the filenames are changed to lower case: dscf0323.jpg

  2. The following filenames however are not altered:
    DSCF0323.crop.JPG   unchanged (remains mixed case)
    DSCF0323.lores.jpg  unchanged (remains mixed case)
    file.jpg            unchanged

Use your own Unix/Linux shell

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