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CA318 - practical

CA318 practical

"Ancient Brain"

The practical is based on my new site "Ancient Brain". Code will be in JavaScript.

To get familiar with the site, go to ancientbrain.com and follow the steps on the front page.

The site has help files and Docs for coding JS and JS graphics. And see also my notes:


Click to run World: Collision World at Ancient Brain.

Click to run Mind: Complex Mind in World: Complex World at Ancient Brain.

ca318 practical

The ca318 practical is to write an interesting World.

If you want a challenge, these things should be possible:


Like a 3rd year project, marks will be awarded for many things.

Obfuscate your JS

Client-side JavaScript is open source. By definition anyone can see your JS.

Our server allows you to save your public JS as obfuscated code. When you edit it, the non-obfuscated version is shown to you.

For this practical, I want you to obfuscate your JS so other students cannot use it. See the "obfuscate" option when editing.


Submission is entirely done through the server. By the deadline:

After you get your mark

After you get your mark, you can do the following:
  1. Delete your work.

  2. Leave your work on the server, in case others want to use it.

  3. Leave your work up, and unobfuscate it, to make it easy for others to build on it.
    This is what I hope you do, but: (1) it is optional, and: (2) wait until you are marked.

ancientbrain.com      w2mind.org      humphrysfamilytree.com

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