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How I stop spam - How to email me - FAQ

How to email me - FAQ

Why do I need a password?

Basically, so I know your message is not junk email ("spam") generated by a program. A standard junk mailing program will not be able to read my instructions and will not send me the password.

What happens if I don't use the password?

Your message will end up in a spam folder. I may not ever see it.

If you use the password, your message is filtered straight to my "Real Email" folder, where it is immediately prominent.

Can I have extra text in the subject?

Yes. The password only needs to be part of it.

Will the password ever change?

It may. In the (unlikely) event of spam programs ever starting to read the web page to use the password, I will change the password and page to make it harder for a program to follow. There are so many ways of doing this I don't think a spam program will ever be able to keep up. A similar idea is behind:

Always consult the web page for the current password.

But Mark, you know me! You and I correspond all the time. Do I have to use this system?

No. People I am already in back-and-forth correspondence with do not have to use the password. They get automatically compiled (by a program) into a special "accept-list" of people who don't need to use the password. Though the compilation is periodic and not perfect, so if we have talked only 1 or 2 times before, say, you may want to use the password to be sure. If we've talked more than 2 times before then you should be on the "accept-list" by now.

How can I get myself onto the accept-list?

You can't. You can't control it. For example, you can't get onto the accept-list yourself by just sending me messages. I need to take some action to put you onto the accept-list - e.g., file your message in non-trash folders, send you some email, etc.

Will you publish your accept-list?


Will you tell me if I am on your accept-list?

No. No such queries will be answered. There's over 5,000 people on my accept-list, if that helps get an idea.

What if I change my email address?

Then (obviously) your new address won't be on the accept-list, so you better use the password until such time as your new address gets compiled into the accept-list. If in doubt, always use the password.

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