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Math in HTML

How to put math into HTML pages.


Write in Latex

How to make non-transparent gifs (latex2html switch)


How to make non-transparent gifs (comment latex2html code)

Other way: latex2html generates normal gifs first and only then runs a routine to make them transparent. So I copied the latex2html file itself, edited the make_transparent routine, and commented out the relevant lines.

How to convert to other color (netpbm)

You can then convert these images to a color (non-transparent) other than white, and then give the pages that color background.

To use netpbm / pbmplus to convert the images:

for i in *.gif
 giftopnm $i | pnmdepth 255 | pgmtoppm "#ffffcc" | ppmtogif > tmp.gif
 mv tmp.gif $i

How to convert to other color (giftrans)

You can do the same conversion using giftrans:
 giftrans -g white="#ffffcc" $i > tmp.gif

Write in HTML / JS

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Wikipedia: Sometimes I link to Wikipedia. I have written something In defence of Wikipedia. It is often a useful starting point but you cannot trust it. Linking to it is like linking to a Google search. A starting point, not a destination. I automatically highlight in red all links to Wikipedia and Google search and other possibly-unreliable user-generated content.