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The World-Wide-Mind - WWM development - Selected Worlds

Selected Worlds

From the DCU 3rd year class of 2012.

This is just a sample. There are other great Worlds. See all Worlds.

If in the future any of the authors here have updated versions they want me to link to instead, let me know.

"HanoiTower" by Christopher Boyle

"FloodItWorld" by Paul Bunbury

"SolarWorld" by Killian Carroll

"SoccerWorld2" by Chris Courtney

"TennisWorld2" by Daniel Grimes

"MinerWorld" by Dmitri Lerko

"Blueballs" by Conor Pender

"Speed" by Michael Scriney

"MinesweeperWorld" by Shane Stacey

"PegSolitare" by Kenny Tang

"CrimsonLand6" by Xiaodong Yu

"TicTacToe" by Szymon Zielinski

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