CA146 COURSE MATERIALS (2007-2008, Semester 2)


Course Notes:

Note that some of these sets are not at all as long as others! Also, we will not go into much detail in some cases.

Set 1 (Program Structure, Variables, Integer & Floating-point Arithmetic, Data Input, Decisions (if, logical operators, if else, switch, while loops, do while loops)

Progress in 2008: Completed set 1 and started set 2 on March 6th (lecture 5).

Set 2 (More arithmetic operators, for loops, Arrays, (named) Constants, Applications & examples using arrays, Strings & Characters, 2D arrays, Application to matrices & vectors)

Extra notes (to motivate need for arrays)

Set 3 (some more on strings)

Set 4 (Functions)

Set 5 (Functions continued)

Set 6 (Functions last set) [For 2007 class: You can omit pages on pointers and operators & and *]

Set 7 (Files this is about reading and writing to files instead of the screen; it is quite useful stuff and not really difficult.

For 2007 class: However, we will not have time to cover it and so it can be omitted for exam purposes]

Tutorial Sheets:

Note for 2008 class: Most of following tutorial sheets are as given out in lab sessions. However, there may be some, usually minor, alterations.

Sheet 1 (programs given on question sheet)

Sheet 2 (sample solutions)

Sheet 3 (sample solutions)

Sheet 4 (sample solutions)

Sheet 5 (sample solutions)

Sheet 6 (sample solutions)

Sheet 7 (sample solutions)

Sheet 8 (sample solutions)


Continuous Assessment Provisional Marks (2008) for Practical Examinations 1 & 2