A Template for CALL Programs for Endangered Languages

Chapter Topic
Contents Contents
Acknowledgements Acknowledgements and Thanks
Chapter 1 Project Introduction
Chapter 2 Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) and Learning Issues
Chapter 3 Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
Chapter 4 Endangered Languages
Chapter 5 Nawat (Pipil)
Chapter 6 System Design
Chapter 7 Implementation
Chapter 8 Testing and Evaluation
Chapter 9 Conclusion
References List of references
Appendix Appendices
Nawat Courseware
(printed version, Spanish only)
Introduction Introduction
Section 1 Introduction to the Courseware
Section 2 Lesson 1 - 4 (with grammar revision)
Section 3 Lesson 5 - 8 (with grammar revision)
Section 4 Lesson 9 - 12 (with grammar revision)
Section 5 Dictionary, culture and answers
Template User Manual Users Guide to the Template
Technical Manual Technical Guide to the Template
Installation Manual Installation Guide for the Nawat Courseware
Nawat Online Courseware Link to the online Nawat Courseware