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Nawat language program

  • This course aims to make learning Nawat an enjoyable experience.
  • You can
    • work at your own pace
    • repeat the lessons as many times as you like.
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Lesson content
  • There are 12 lessons in the course
  • Each lesson has
    • 3 sections
    • an explanation
    • a vocabulary list
    • an exercise
  • Each sections has
    • a conversation (with text, audio and a translation)
    • a language learning tip
    • an explanation
    • vocabulary list
    • a related activity (exercise)
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  • There are several tools to help you
    • alphabat - which contains the Nawat alphabat with explanations and audio
    • dictionary
    • grammar
    • culture - with information about Pipil culture
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  • Culture is an important part of learning a language.
  • Feel free to read all the culture parts (even if you don't read the lesson).
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Language learning tips
  • Everyone can learn a language.
  • Some people find it easier to learn than others.
  • You can learn tricks to help you learn a langauge.
  • This course has a "Language Learning Tips" section that you can look at any time. Do use it - it's there to help you.
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