Dr. Paul Clarke 

Associate Professor, School of Computing, Dublin City University.

Member of Lero - The Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Software.

Principal Investigator on the Future Software Systems Architectures (FSSA) project which is funded by the Disruptive Technologies and Innovation Fund (DTIF). This project examines the application of AI to the task of software architectural transformation, notably in the context of microservices extraction from monolith-based architectures. Other research interests include continuous software engineering, serverless computing, human aspects of software development, gamification in software development, and software process adaptive capability. Formerly, Research Manager for the MDevSPICE® safety critical medical device software assessment framework project.

See Google Scholar, Research Gate and Doras for publications.

I have a keen interest in the commercialisation of impactful research, and prior to returning to academia full time in 2008, I held a number of posts in various software development companies, including the FINEOS Corporation, Arantech Limited and Logica Plc.

Irish Head of Delegation to ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee 1, Sub-Committee 7: Software and Systems Engineering, where I have acted as editor and author of international best practice software process frameworks. I am presently a Steering Committee member for the International Conference on Software and Systems Processes Steering Committee.