Dr. Paul Clarke 

 Career To Date

 2015-Present: Associate Professor (formerly Assistant Prof.) in Computing in the School of Computing in DCU. My work includes a combination of teaching, research and administration.

 2013-2015: Having co-authored the successful associated research funding proposal, I was appointed as Research Manager in the Regulated Software Research Centre in 2013. Our work was focused on the development of a medicial device and healthcare process capability framework called MDevSPICE®.

 2013-Present: In March 2013, I was successfully nominated as a national delegate to the International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) where I am actively engaged in the development of international standards for software development.

 2008-2012: Having been awarded a PhD scholarship by Lero, the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre, I successfully completed my PhD Research in DCU in 2012.

 2010: I was invited to become a member of the Scientific Program Committee for the European System and Software Process  Improvement and Innovation (EuroSPI2) organisation. I have been a continuous member of the Scientific Program Committee since that time.

 2007-2008: Programme Control Manager at the FINEOS Corporation. FINEOS is a leading global supplier of Insurance and Bancassurance software solutions. My role included work estimation, work authorisation, change/process management and release capacity planning for the Product Research and development department.

 2004-2007: Departmental Head of Support and Programme Manager at Arantech Limited. This included operational planning, process establishment and evolution, deployment to customer sites and the formal support of production systems in line with negotiated SLA contractual commitments. Systems were eligible for 24 X 7 support and clients included many of the top mobile telecommunications providers worldwide.

 2003-2004: Engineering Manager at Waterford Technologies. This role included ownership of the software development lifecycle, including software engineering process definition and improvement. I was also responsible for requirements definition, software development and test activities.

 1996-2003: I started my working career in Aldiscon Ltd (later becoming LogicaCMG Plc ) in 1996 as a Software Engineer, and subsequently a Senior Software Engineer. Initially, I was involved in the development of highly-available and complex mobile telecommunications systems. Later, as a Software Development Manager, I was responsible for managing the software development of several bespoke systems and product lines.