Potential MSc/4th Year/CASE 3 Projects

Please read my research page to find out about the types of topics I am interested in (Knowledge Graphs, Data Governance, Privacy, Data Quality, Risk Management, Socio-Technical Systems, metadata). In general I would strongly prefer to supervise projects related to the proposals below rather than student's own project ideas (but some of the topics are pretty open).

Last Updated: 15 Oct 2020

1. Ethics/GDPR Expert/Decision Support System

Automated analysis and processing of GDPR data transfer or ethics application forms could save organisations time, automate accountability trails and help identify trends, patterns or incidents. The W3C standard for knowledge graphs is RDF (Resource Description Framework).

Keywords:Knowledge Graphs, GDPR
Links/Further Reading:
A knowledge model defining PII and other GDPR terms

2. Setting up a Turkish Knowledge Base

This project will be conducted jointly with Dr Beyza Yaman. DBpedia is a machine-readable knowledge base derived from Wikipedia. No-one has yet setup and configured a server and automated knowledge extraction for Turkish.
Keywords: Knowledge Graphs, Linked Data, Server configuration
Links/Further Reading:

3. Data Value Analytics Tool

Data has resisted quantitative measurement of its value despite the fact that it has had such a positive influence on the success of enterprises. Keywords: Analytics, Relational Databases, Data Profiling, Data Value
Links/Further Reading:
An Open Source Data Profiling Tool
Dave, the data value vocabulary

4. Projects based on Ireland's National Open Geo-Data (data.geohive.ie)

Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) maintain our national digital spatial infrastructure which senses and tracks 50 million spatial entities (buildings, roads, mountains) and maintains a detailed digital model of Ireland. OSi publish it is open Linked Data on the data.geohive.ie site. There are a large number of related Irish datasets published by the Irish government on data.gov.ie and they could be combined with the OSi data for many applications.
Keywords: Geo Information Systems, Linked Data
Links/Further Reading:
Ireland's Authoritive Geospatial Linked Data Research Paper

5. Automated Detection of Personal Data for GDPR Compliance Checks

As part of GDPR legisation it is necessary for organisations to carefully track where they are using or recording personal data but many organisations already have extensive dataset collections that need to be assessed. In this case it would be useful to have a tool that could be run over a dataset to determine the probability that it contains personal data. This project will explore the creation of such a tool, starting from a tool that is capable of detecting personal data in structured datasets such as W3C Linked Data.

Keywords: GDPR, Linked Data, Intelligent Systems, Python
Links/Further Reading:
Open source PII detection tool

6. User-friendly UI Text Entry Exploiting Automated Knowledge Extraction

Modern NLP techniques enable rapid knowledge extraction from text, for example generating automated annotation with concepts or terminologies stored in a knowledge graph, but what is the best way to interact with realtime user input?

Keywords: NLP, Knowledge Graphs, Ux, Intelligent Systems

Additional Project Ideas