Chair: MA in Data Protection and Privacy Law

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Lecturing and module Co-ordination 2019-2020

CA222: Introduction to Information Systems.

CA4006: Concurrent and Distributed Programming.
See my CA4006 course page here.

CA690: Data Protection Practicum.

CA691: Data Governance.

Current Research Students

Paul Ryan - Regtech for GDPR Accountability
Maryam Basere - AI Governance for Healthcare Risk Management
Arthit Suriyawongkul (hosted in TCD) - Ethics and data protection in AI systems

Past Research Students

Sahil Mathur, MSc (2019) - Automatic Generation of Relational to Ontology Mapping Correspondences
Alan Meehan, PhD (2017) - The SPARQL Usage for Mapping Maintainance and Reuse Methodology
Hendrik Thomas, PhD (2014) - OM2R, Semantic Documentation of Ontology Mapping Lifecycle to Support Retrieval and Reuse of Ontology Mappings
Brian Walshe, PhD (2014) - Detecting Restriction Class Correspondences in Linked Open Data
Tewson Seeoun, MSc (2013) - Semantic Markup in Web Data Extraction
Bo Fu, PhD (2012) - Semantic-Oriented Cross-Lingual Ontology Mapping
Colm Conroy, PhD (2012) - Unintrusive, Engaging, Simple Semantic Mapping over Time
Paul Mara, MSc (2011) - Adaptive Selection of Suggestions Refinement Techniques for Ontology Mapping