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Renaat Verbruggen, M.Mgt.Sc.(NUI), M.M.I. (KULeuven)

Phone(Voice-Mail): +353 - 1 - 700.5257 (internal 5257) Fax: 700.5442


Statement of research interests


Course Teaching Information: Computer Applications

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Modules taught: 

CA640: Professional And Research Practice (inc. IT Law and Ethics)


CA214: Systems Analysis using SSADM and design techniques for Software Project Development now on Loop

EC218: Business Systems Analysis using UML, Agile and SSADM to design software systems

CA314: Development of an online networked game using Agile and UML approaches in a group project.

CA650: Software Process Quality an indepth analysis of testing coverage across four major dimensions












My lecture to the Irish Computer Society on Object-Oriented metrics. (In slide format)


Part of the University art collection online:

A small draft collection of photographs of art around the DCU campus

local Art on Campus (Draft)

Some cartoons on art or Any six year old could do that!

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