Use the Liffick's analysis technique

AND answer the questions posed below in an essay format examining an ethical case.

The assignment is now due on Thursday 16th, December it should be printed on A4 and using a standard project cover identifying your Name, Number, Module etc. and put in the assignment box in Lab L114 by 16:00.

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(I expect your report should be between 8 and 10 pages)


Copyright 2002 by Robert N. Barger

1. What are the ethical issues in this case?

2. Who are the interested parties and what do you suppose each of them would like you to do?

3. Propose three possible solutions (two extremes and a compromise), and give (a) a best-case and worst-case outcome for each solution, and (b) for each solution, state whether you could tolerate the worst-case outcome.

Choose which one of the three solutions you think is the best and answer questions 4 thru 7 about that solution:

4.a. Would you be willing for everyone to be permitted to use this solution? 4.b. Does it treat people as ends rather than as means only [Idealism]? Explain.

5. Is this solution in accord with what is natural (not excessive or deficient) [Naturalism/Realism]? Explain.

6.a. Would there be majority agreement that this solution is the most efficient means to the end? 6.b. Will it produce the greatest good for the greatest number of people [Pragmatism/Utilitarianism]? Explain.

7. Is this solution the one you feel most committed to in your own conscience, regardless of whether or not it benefits you personally [Existentialism]? Explain.

8. Which philosophy do you feel was most influential in your solution? Why?