About Me

DCU LogoProf. Rory O'Connor is a Professor of Computing at Dublin City University, where he is currently serving as the Head of School of Computing. He received a PhD. in Computer Science from City University, London (2000), an M.Sc. in Computer Applications from Dublin City University (1995), a B.Sc. in Computer Applications from Dublin City University (1993) and a National Certificate in Computing, Waterford Regional Technical College (1990). He is also a member of both the Irish Computer Society and British Computer Society.

He has previously held research positions at both the National Centre for Software Engineering and the Centre for Teaching Computing. In addition, he worked with a variety of organization's, undertaken software development projects, conducting software quality reviews and inspections. He was a visiting lecturer to the University of Iceland in the 2007/8 academic year.

His research interests are centered on the processes whereby software intensive systems are designed, implemented and managed. In particular, researching methods, techniques and tools for supporting the work of software project managers and software developers in relation to software process improvement, software project planning and management of software development projects.

ISO Standards

ISO LogoRory is an active member of the international standards community. He is a member of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7/ Working Group 24 on Lifecycle Profiles for VSE (Very Small Enterprises) and is editor of the ISO/IEC 29110-2 standard.

In 2009 Rory was appointed by NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland) as Ireland's Head of Delegation to the International Organization for Standardization ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 (which manages Software & Systems Engineering standards). He also serves as a member of NSAI’s Information and Communications Technology Standards Consultative Committee (ICTSCC), an advisory group on matters related to the introduction of ICT standards.


Lero logoI am a Senior Researcher with Lero, The Irish Software Research Centre. I also supervise PhD students in the Lero Graduate School in Software Engineering (LGSSE).

Software Testing

I was the founding Chairperson of the Irish Software Testing Board, the ISTQB representative body in Ireland. I served as chair from 2008 to December 2012.


Apart from being my favorite country to visit, I have been a regular visitor to the University of Iceland (Háskóli Íslands) for more than 10 years. I was appointed a visiting lecturer in the University of Iceland for the academic year 2007/2008.