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Project Acronym P3
TitleProject and Process Prompter
Objectives The P3 project intends to develop a prototype tool, Prompter, which can be used to assist project planners in deciding: What resources will be needed for their project? What parameters need to be measured during the course of the project? What trade-offs in project variables could lead to reduced risk and greater chance of success?
Funding European Commission - Fourth Framework Programme
Duration 1996 - 1999
Partners Dublin City University (Ireland)
Catalyst Software (Ireland)
Objectif Technologie (France)
Schneider Electric (France)
Intracom (Greece)

What is prompter?

Prompter is a decision support tool for project planning. A project's characteristics can be set through an extensive set of checklists, along with the selection of a life cycle and other parameters. This information then drives a "knowledge base" which critiques this proposed project and advises on risk issues or makes recommendations on good practice. Each project can support a complex tree of scenarios, each containing a different set of defined parameters, thus allowing a detailed form of 'what-if' analysis by cross-comparison between the scenarios. The relevant data from the chosen scenario can then be exported to MS Project or a comparable tool for detailed scheduling. There is also an accompanying Handbook on good practice for software project planning.

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