Student Projects

Academic year: 2021/2022

My interests are in data analytics, computer vision (images or video data) or machine learning applications in general. I've worked on projects involving instrumented vehicles ("self-driving" cars); smart cities (how crowds move); security and medical image data.

MCM (CA685 - Data Analytics)
Please consider the following questions before approaching me to discuss a project.

  1. What is your topic, problem or domain?
  2. What datasets might you use? (how big?, is it labelled?, is it ethical?)
  3. How will you know if you have solved or contributed to the problem? (or how will you measure the performance of your methods? how will you test your implementation?)

Frequently Asked Questions

Computer Vision Challenge: Use a labelled dataset from one of the computer vision challenges or these datasets to explore a problem in image analysis (e.g., Detection, Classification, Recognition , Tracking, Segmentation , Foreground/Background, Saliency detection, video Surveillance, Multi view, Action, Human Pose/Expression). Be aware that there's not much time in the project to use a very large dataset!

Another source of computer vision challenges is the workshops associated with the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition workshops - skin imaging, UAV detection, fashion, autonomous driving, etc.

These projects shouldn't just apply a model to the dataset but should try to make a change to either the data pre-processing (augmentation?), to the training methodologies (hyper-parameter optimisation is insufficient) or the network architecture. You should be trying to improve performance or to ask a question about how a technology works in this context.

Alternative communication channels: Most data apps will use a dashboard or a mobile phone interface to communicate or signal information. What other communication channels could be used to create data-driven visualisations? Eg. audio "visualisations" rather than colour graphs; or digital signage to relay information in the physical world; or novel ways of using colour.

Phone: ext. 6052