I am a Research Fellow at the ADAPT Centre, Dublin City University. I completed my PhD through a cotutelle agreement between Macquarie University Sydney (Australia) and Dublin City University (Ireland).

I am currently the Principal Investigator on the GaelTech project, which involves research into the processing of Irish multiword expressions (PhD underway by Abigail Walsh), Irish syntactic parsing and natural language processing of Irish on social media and NLP for Irish user-generated content (tweets) MSc underway by Lauren Cassidy. In addition, I co-supervise Meghan Dowling's PhD on Irish machine translation.

This work ties in with our ongoing involvement with European Commission (CEF.AT) projects: ELRC, ELRI and PRINCIPLE, all of which are focus on improving machine translation for EU languages at public administration level. I am the Technical National Anchor Point contact in Ireland for the European Language Resource Coordination. In 2019, in cooperation with the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, I contributed to a White Paper on the status of language data collection in the EU.

My PhD research topic was syntactic parsing of the Irish language. This work involved building the first dependency treebank for Irish and training the first statistical dependency parsing models for Irish.

The intended application of my research is to build language resources that will facilitate the development of NLP applications such as Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) systems and Hybrid English < > Irish machine translation systems.

I also co-manage the Tapadóir English-Irish machine translation (MT) project, which provides inhouse translators in the Irish Government Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht DCHG) with a bespoke Machine Translation system that assists them in their translation workflow. This work complements our efforts in collecting bilingual data to train Irish MT systems for use in public administration. My article on RTE Brainstorm explains machine translation performance issues for Irish language

I am also interested in social media NLP, in particular, the use of Irish language in social media and have a TEDx talk on the importance of social media for minority languages

I also support the development of the Irish Wikipedia (An Vicipéid) and promote the use of citizen science as a step towards protecting the language against digital extinction as I discuss on the Motherfocóir podcast


  • teresa dot lynn at adaptcentre dot ie