Professor Tomas Ward, BE, MEngSc, PhD, SMIEEE

AIB Chair in Data Analytics

Room 2.40, McNulty Building,
School of Computing, Dublin City University,
Glasnevin, Dublin 9, Ireland.

Tel. +353 1 700 6076

ORCID: 0000-0002-6173-6607

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My Research

My present research concerns the application of data science to improve human health, performance and decision making. I am interested in personal analytics approaches,i.e. the collection of data that helps characterise the state of an individual. This has many applications in health and performance and in many cases requires research with emerging sensing technologies often wearable as well as distributed computing paradigms. In the realm of health this work leads to the concept of digital biomarkers or more generalised, the synthesis through digital means of virtual biomarkers for disease and conditions of a neurological nature.

Research Groups

The Insight Centre for Data Analytics


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The Team!

Darragh Walsh
Yingqi Gu
Vicky Lee
Tejas Hande
Brendan O'Neill
Mohammed Ali Mirza
Jose Dominguez Veiga
Zhengwei Wang
Eoin Brophy
Lili Zhang
Willie Muehlhausen

Past Research Graduates Students

Declan Delaney, PhD - Graduated 2005
Shirley Coyle, PhD - Graduated 2005
Michael Maguire, MEngSc (Research) - Graduated 2005
Karl Monaghan, MEngSc (Research) - Graduated 2006
Mark McLaughlin, MEngSc (Research) - Graduated 2006
Aaron McCoy, PhD - Graduated 2007
Kenneth Humphries, PhD - Graduated 2007
John Foody, MCompSc (Research) - Graduated 2007
Alan Kenny, PhD - Graduated 2009
Rudi Villing, PhD - Graduated 2010
Christopher Soraghan, PhD - Graduated 2010
Damian Wynne, MEngSc - Graduated 2010
Fiachra Matthews, PhD - Graduated 2010
Xin Zhang, PhD - Graduated 2011
Paddy Walsh, MEngSc - Graduated 2012
Kevin Sweeney, PhD - Graduated 2013
Gerard Derosiere, PhD (joint with Prof Perrey, University of Montpellier I) - Graduated 2014
Long Cheng, PhD - Graduated 2014
Darren Leamy, PhD - Graduated 2015
Aodhan Coffey, PhD - Graduated 2016

Teaching and Academic Duties

I currently teach CA684P "Advanced Machine Learning " as part of our masters degree program and CA115 "Digital Innovation Management" as part of our CA program.

I am a keen advocate of maker culture and co-founded and organise the national showcase of the maker movement in Ireland - Dublin Maker

Project Ideas for Undergraduate Students at Third Year and Fourth Year Level

For undergraduate students CA300/CA400 I am happy to supervise projects from a range of areas. Examples include:

Practicum Ideas for Taught Postgraduate Students

For practicum projects the following are of interest to me at this year